Dr. Laura Hawryluck


Dr. Laura Hawryluck

Attending Physician, Toronto Western Hospital
Critical Care Response Team Lead

Academic Rank
Associate Professor

Position Title
Clinical Educator

Medical/Professional Qualifications

Corporate Chair, Acute Resuscitation Committee, University Health Network
Telemedicine Consultant, Médecins sans Frontières
Advisory Board Member, Médecins du Monde Canada

Dr. Laura Hawryluck received her MD in 1992 from the University of Western Ontario where she also served her internal medicine residency. She completed a fellowship in Critical Care at the University of Manitoba in 1997 and received her MSc in Bioethics in 1999 from the Joint Centre for Bioethics and the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto. From 1999-2001 she was assistant professor of Critical Care/Internal Medicine, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. In March 2000, she was appointed Physician Leader of the national Ian Anderson Continuing Education Program in End-of-Life Care at the University of Toronto and is currently Associate Professor of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Toronto. In 2002, she was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for contributions to Canada in recognition of her work in creating the Anderson Program and improving end of life care for Canadians. Dr. Hawryluck is co-author and editor of “Law of Acute Care in Canada” published by Carswell, a division of Thomson Reuters.

Dr. Hawryluck is deeply involved in international humanitarian projects. She has worked with critical care and burn units in Indore India and on a variety of quality improvement and educational initiatives in Cote d’Ivoire. She was co-creator and co-director for RCCI of the first Doctorate in Medicine Program in Critical Care in Nepal. She worked with the Nepal Medical Council as an international consultant to enact a Code of Ethics and Professionalism for all physicians in Nepal.

Previous Appointments
Medical Advisor to the Critical Care Secretariat Ethical Issues of Access project 2006-09
Leader of the Critical Care Secretariat End-of-Life Decision-Making Performance Improvement Team in its inaugural year 2006-07
Member of Ontario Pandemic Flu A/D/T Committee 2006
President Medico-Legal Society of Toronto

Area of Academic Focus
End of life
Medico-legal issues in clinical practice and policy development
Acute resuscitation
Rapid response teams
Humanitarian medicine

Honours and Awards
Associated Medical Services Award for excellence in End of Life Care, 2011
Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal – contributions to Canada in end of life care 2002

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