Our Team: Partners

Hospital & University Partners


Dr. Laurent Brochard
Director, Interdepartmental Division of Critical Care Medicine, U of T

Dr. Gillian Hawker
Chair, Department of Medicine,
U of T

Dr. Beverley Orser
Chair, Department of Anaesthesia,
U of T


Dr. Jay Wunder
Surgeon-in-Chief, MSH


Dr. Shaf Keshavjee
Program Medical Director, Surgical Services & Critical Care, UHN


Dr. Jim Rutka
Chair, Department of Surgery,
U of T

Dr Edward Cole - Provided by self

Dr. Ed Cole
Physician-in-Chief, UHN

Dr. Patricia Murphy

Dr. Patricia Murphy
Director, Cardiovascular ICU,
Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, UHN

Dr. Chris Overgaard
Director, Cardiac ICU,
Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, UHN

Dr. Chaim Bell
Physician-in-Chief, MSH

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