Sinai ICU Educational Materials

Sinai Health ICU - Educational Materials

General ICU Resources

The resources below are helpful for a general overview of ICU topics. The following web resources may also be useful:

Resources Specific to Sinai Health ICU

These resources are specific to clinical situations you may encounter in the Sinai ICU. They are intended for ICU fellows or residents with substantial previous ICU exposure. For residents new to the ICU, we recommend focusing your learning on the general ICU concepts above.

We care for a large number of critically ill patients with cancer and frequently manage obstetrical emergencies (resources coming soon). For additional oncologic critical care resources, please visit the Critical Care Oncologic Investigative Network (COIN) website. Many of the resources contained in each topic below are from this website which is a collaborative between Sinai Health and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

Recent Topics for Fellows Teaching:

Each Friday, we ask one of the fellows to present on a topic of their choosing. Recent topics, and suggestions for future teaching sessions, can be found at the link below. 

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