Dr. Javier Chavarria Campos

Dr. Javier Chavarria Campos

Clinical Fellow

Medical/professional qualifications

Interdepartmental Division of Critical Care Medicine, University of Toronto


Dr. Javier Chavarria Campos is from Costa Rica, Central America, though he was born in England, he has been living in Costa Rica since the age of 2. He is the oldest of three boys and is the father of a 6 year old boy.

From 2008-2013, he attended Costa Rica University for become a general physician. He then worked as a general doctor for a year, before returning to Costa Rica University to complete residency in a 3 year Emergency Medicine program, which he successfully completed in 2018. Following graduation, he started working in the emergency department of Dr. Calderon Guardia Hospital. This hospital is a three level hospital located in the capital city of San Jose, one average they receive 400 patients per day. Most of the critically ill patients spend more than 2 days in the emergency department due to lack of room in ICU. Due to this, Dr. Chavarria Campos is excited about being a fellow in critical care, so that it will help his department.

Area of interests /Research
He is very passionate about emergency medicine and critical care. He also enjoys teaching and is a professor at Costa Rica University for pre and post-grads. Also, he is very involved with academic evaluations of residents at the hospital.

Personal Interests
He likes to spend time with family, in particular his girlfriend and son. He loves sports, mainly soccer but enjoys watching all sorts of sports. Dr. Chavarria Campos likes to be physically active and enjoys going to the gym and jogging. He also enjoys go to the movies and theater.



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