Nola Crewe

Nola Crewe

Spiritual Care Specialist, Mount Sinai Hospital

Nola Crewe was educated at the University of Toronto where she received an Honours B.A. in Women’s Studies and History, an M.A. in History, a Juris Doctor and a Master of Divinity.

After 20 years as a practicing lawyer and 8 years as a Toronto Board of Education Trustee, Nola is now an ordained Anglican Priest, Chaplain at Mount Sinai Hospital and the Rector of St. Monica’s Anglican Church. At Mount Sinai, her time is divided between the ICU and Women’s & Infant’s Health, and she attends all codes blue, pink and 77. Her particular interest is in consent and capacity and the differing interpretations by lawyers and doctors.

A widow, Nola is the mother of five, grandmother of nine and great-grandmother of one. Her spare time and passions are largely occupied by the OSMTH – the Knights Templar – a Christian charitable group of which she is the Canadian Grand Chancellor.




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