TGH Educational Resources: Lung Transplant

Lung Transplant

TGH hosts one of the largest lung transplant programs in the world. You will see a large number of lung transplant recipients in your time at TGH, and it is useful to become acquainted with some basics around the management of this patient population before you start your rotation. Here we have gathered a few useful resources to help you start your reading.

Here you can find an excellent article by transplant surgeons at TGH detailing how lung transplant surgery is performed.

There is also this excellent U of T lung transplant manual that is worth reviewing.

If managing patients post-lung transplant, please be aware of this TGH standardized post-lung transplant management protocol.

Finally, here is a useful powerpoint from the TGH lung transplant program about considerations for immediate post-operative management of lung transplant recipients in the ICU.

This is a great article from Anesthesia in 2021 on the Postoperative Management of Lung Transplant Recipients in the Intensive Care Unit

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