Dr. Onion Gerald Vergara Ubaldo

Dr. Onion Gerald Vergara Ubaldo

Clinical Fellow

Medical/professional qualifications

Interdepartmental Division of Critical Care Medicine, University of Toronto

Ateneo de Manila School of Medicine and Public Health

The Medical City


Dr. Ubaldo was born in the Philippines. He obtained his medical degree at Ateneo de Manila University and receiving Internal Medicine and Adult Critical Care Fellowship Training at the Medical City. Has an excellent grasp on the public health aspect of

medicine that serves as avenues for better patient care and understanding. Maintains focus on attaining good clinical practice and patient satisfaction.

A lot of people have asked why my name is Onion. I usually just answer because I have a sister named Ginger and that pretty much settles it and yes, I drew the shorter end of the stick.

Area of interests /Research
Extra-corporeal life and mechanical support, Shock, Advanced Mechanical Ventilation, Transplant Critical Care

Publications: (if applicable)

  1. Ubaldo OGV, Quiwa K, Rollan RE, Tripon E, Sebastian EE. The Fire from Within: Multiorgan Failure with Bimodal Rhabdomyolysis from Exertional Heat Stroke. Kapoor S, editor. Case Reports in Hepatology. Hindawi; 2020;2020:1305730KW–.
  2. Ubaldo OGV, Lazaro MAE, Aventura ET, Cinco JE. Can Serum Fibrinogen Predict ARDS? Infect Dis (Auckl). 2020 Jul 20;13:117863372094350–7.

Personal Interests
Sports, Movies, TV Shows, Cooking

Email: Onion.ubaldo@gmail.com

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