Dr. Jose Dianti

Dr. Jose Dianti

Clinical Fellow

Medical/professional qualifications

Dr. Dianti was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He undertook a 4-year residency in critical care, and is currently working as attending physician in a 38-bed MSICU at the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires in Argentina. He worked as a clinical fellow with UHN/MSH critical care department from July 2017 to March 2018. He is now returning to Toronto to do a research/clinical fellowship.

Academic Interests
His main area of academic interest is respiratory physiology and mechanical ventilation, with particular interest in mechanisms of ventilator induced lung injury and personalized mechanical ventilation.

Honours and Awards
Chief Resident, Critical Care Medicine 2015-2016

Increased Cardiovascular Risk in Patients Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy” (Aumento de Riesgo Cardiovascular en Pacientes que Recibían Terapia Antiretroviral) XII Inter-Chair Meeting, Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2014

Retrospective Study: “Impact of Prior ß-Blocker Prescription in the Prognosis of Sepsis” (Impacto del uso de ß-bloqueantes en el pronóstico de pacientes con sepsis) XXIV Argentine Medical Conference, Mar del Plata, Argentina

Personal Interest
Sports and Soccer
Playing guitar in amateur rock-band
Reading – favourite genres are nouvelle noire and historical fiction


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